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September 16, 2007



I've heard "before the throne of God above" before (but by Jimmy Needham), and I didn't know the version you guys did this morning was by Shane and Shane. But I think it's funny because there was one part in the song where you guys held the line out longer than you had the rest, and when I heard the harmony and the way the line was held my exact thought was "whoa, that sounds completely Shane and Shane."

Other than that, it's been cool having you lead worship for us lately. You and Chris sing well together. :]


Unbeliveable! That's all I have to say about "Before the Throne of God Above." If you ever listen to any requests - please, please, please play this again soon. This Sunday would not be too early! Mack and the band delivered it great at Union too!

Emily Makar

"Before The Throne" WAS amazing. Please play it again :). The Elevation band's version of it's so great too! Good job on it.


hey, wade, you don't know who i am and i know this post is way old but i just wanted to let you know that september 16th was the first week i came to elevation and my first impression was hearing you sing don't stop believin' as soon as i walked in the door and i thought it was awesome. i knew as soon as i heard that song that i would have to keep coming back.

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