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July 06, 2008



Wanted you to know that we're following your story and praying for your girls up in Yorktown, VA! We walked a similar road 5 years ago with our twin nephews...2 weeks ago we spent a week of vacation with them and they are doing great...healthy and loving life! We're praying this will be your story as well.


Hey bro, long time no talk to. I have been watching what is going on with your babies and praying for you and your family. Your faith is definately an inspiration at this time for me. I know first hand that premature babies can go through a lot. I myself was very premature and the doctors told my mother there was no chance that I would live. God had other plans however and here I am. Email me so we can catch up. tbain@sc.rr.com

Much love
Todd Bain

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