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September 25, 2008


Daniel Sircar


Micah (Nashville)

That's awesome! My wife and I have been following your story and praying from the start. So we are very excited to hear this great news.


Hi Wade,

Wow! Congratulations! :)

Thanks for sharing this journey! God bless! Praying great joy over the days, month and years to come for you, Ferris and the girls...

Jessica Ridenhour


So thankful to hear that both are home. The smile you had on your face in the video of you leaving the hospital the first time said it all!!!!

Have fun being a daddy and watching Ferris be a mommy

Karen Luke

We are so happy for you and Ferris!! I know it feels so wonderful to have them HOME!! Praise GOD!!!!
Chris and Karen Luke


Awesome!! Congrats to you and Ferris! Your faith in God through all of this has been such a witness to me! God bless you and your family.


WOO HOO ...fantastic wade...God is good


How awesome! Sorry I missed you call yesterday...I will call you this afternoon to catch up. What great stories these girls will hear of the faithfulness of God and the grace of Jesus.

josh bayne

WOOHOO!! This is incredible, wonderful, and every great adjective you could find. So happy for you and Ferris; so thankful for such a faithful God!!

nate davis


Marsha Vanderburg


Oh the faithfulness of God!!! How wonderful it is to know that HE has answered all the prayers of the faithful and brought your beautiful daughters home. Blessings to you and Ferris as you begin your new life at home with your girls.


Congrats! So glad they're doing well!!! I'll say it again...God is so good!

Jesse McCarl

That's so great, Wade! Congratulations! Glory be to God. I'm so excited for you and Ferris and your beautiful two girls!


That's such good news, bro! Give me a ring sometime!

David Walker

Dude, thats' awesome, praise the Lord!

Travis Wright

Great news Wade!

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