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June 22, 2008



May God be with your family. We agree with your declaration of faith. God will be glorified through their healing, In Jesus' name.

Anita McCart

Wade and Ferris,

We have been following your blog and talking with some people in Charlotte who have kept us up to date on you guys and the babies. Please know that we are lifting you guys up and covering your precious girls in prayer. We stand in agreement with you that God will be glorified through this situation. I know that we're not there anymore but if there in anything we can do for you guys besides pray please let us know. We're on our knees on your behalf.

Phillip and Anita

Jim Heidenreich

Wade and Ferris, I pray to God for His healing touch to be upon Liana, for Him to wrap his loving arms around you both for strength and courage, and for the continued progress for Adleigh. May you find comfort through Jesus Christ our Savior, with whom we give all the praise and glory.


I'm reminded of Perry Noble's sermon today on God making us dangerous. He used Luke 7:11-17 when He (with a crowd knowing His that if they stay with Him and follow Him, incredible things can happen) came upon a crowd of frustrated, down trodden individuals with a mother of a child who had died and the boy was raised back to life. May God be glorified in this situation as the response was in this passage:
Luke 7:16-17: They were all filled with awe and praised God. "A great prophet has appeared among us," they said. "God has come to help his people." This news about Jesus spread throughout Judea and the surrounding country.

jay hardwick

we're praying and believing with you and ferris.

Dustin Willis

Renie and I along with others from the Midtown family will absolutely be praying. I know you have plenty of support, but please let us know if there is anything at all that you need. We are praying!

alex mclean

Wade, we'll be praying for you guys & your daughters. We had a scare over the last month with our 2 year old daughter that doesn't even compare to this, our hearts are with you guys. Your daughters original due date is our son's Birthday, Sept. 18.


We are praying for you and your family.


We are praying for you and your family.


I read you buddy...never commented though. Fellow worship leader and I am praying for immediate healing for your babies. Praying for peace for you and your wife.

Amanda Hueneke

Praying for you and your family from TX.


Definitely praying.

Billy Chia

I have good friends who's baby is healed and healthy because of prayer.

Keep the faith. We're praying for you.

trey taylor

wow, as a new dad I can't even imagine the emotions you and your wife are going through... we will be praying for you and your family and believing along side everyone else for the miraculous.


I am praying for you today. I am praying that God's healing power will be a testimony to all that watch it manifest in front of them. God loves to confound the wise, and I pray for the healing of your daughter to do just that. I also am praying for peace for you and your wife. You are not alone.

Jane Broe

Wade and Ferris, my Exec Pastor, Alex McLean, forwarded your story to me. I am standing in prayer with you. We serve an amazing God who can do anything! I am praying for complete healing for your daughter. I also pray for peace in your hearts as you know that God loves her even more than you do.

Gene Lakey

"Sun stand still. Oceans part. Nothing is too hard."

Wade and Ferris...we're on our knees, praying in unison with you, for you, and for those two precious gifts from God.

Gene and Beckie

Brian Spahr

Wade, I happened across your blog today. I am a new pastor in SE Charlotte and when I read about your daughter I was immediately compelled to pray. My son Zachary was born last year at 26 weeks (2 lbs 2oz). He was so fragile, but God worked miracles through the amazing nurses and doctors in the NICU and he is now a thriving 14-month-old. We can barely keep up with him. I will pray for Liana's health, but also that she and the rest of your family will be aware of the presence of God with you like you've never known before in the midst of your suffering. You don't know me and I don't know you, but if you need the ear of someone who has walked a similar path, please feel free to contact me at brian@zacharyspahr.com.

Peace to you and your family.


Hello, Wade.

I found your blog through my sister, Lindsey's, after reading her post about all that is going on. This is the second of such stories I have heard this year, and regardless of the outcome, the parents were so strong and trusting in God. While I didn't get the chance to tell the couple from the first story (it was told to us by a friend of theirs), I am seizing the opportunity to tell you and your wife that you are an inspiration of faith to me and your trust in God is so refreshing. I will keep you, your wife, and your precious daughters in prayer and will encourage others to pray, as well.

I'm not always great with words unless they are songs or poems, so I spent a good time searching for a song on my computer for one to share with you as an encouragement, and the one I came across that struck me was Glory in the Highest, sung by Chris Rice. I wouldn't want to fill up your comment space with all of the lyrics of that wonderful song, but I felt that these few should be shared:

"You are the first
You go before
You are the last
Lord, You're the encore
Your name's in lights for all to see
The starry host declare Your glory

Glory in the highest
Glory in the highest
Glory in the highest."

God bless you and Ferris, and may God's astounding presence shake that hospital come Wednesday morning.

Kelly DeMario

What people usually do with this kind of news versus what you and Ferris are asking of us is so amazing to hear...Starring up from this valley I can't wait to join you on the hill when we can all rejoice together after GOD tends to your sweet little girls.

josh bayne

michelle and i are praying for y'all, wade

Brian and Tina Shaw

First of all, Congratulations on your new arrivals!

Secondly, we stand with you on God's word in having faith that He will deliver (no pun intended).


Wade and Ferris,

Please know that Chris, the kids, and I are praying for Liana, Adleigh, and you guys. We're praying with expectant hope and trust in God's power.

My prayer verse lately has been Romans 5:3-5 - One of those incredibly hard passages about rejoicing during hardship - a concept that doesn't always make sense until later. I praise God as I see Him shining brightly through your witness, your endurance, your confident hope. We're praying for you to be awash in hope and love as all four of you travel forward. Know that you are all loved and lifted up.


Daniel - Sweden

Hi Wade, you don´t know be but I am a worship leader and network Pastor in my church in Malmoe, Sweden - www.united.nu
I´m following your blog, looking on the song list and your thoughts, amazing.
This is a sad comment though, for you and your wife - I will pray that everything will go well and that healing will come over Liana in Jesus mighty name!
I have three kids, one that is born with a brain injury who is 8 years - we are still believing for a miracle! God will make a way where there seems to be no way...
God bless you and your family.
/Daniel Sundin - Malmoe, Sweden.

Laura Beth

Nick and I are praying for you, your wife, and your beautiful girls.

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