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July 23, 2008


nicole webb

I just heard about your family and wanted you to know my prayers are with you. My some was born at 30 weeks, so I remeber those treasured milestones each moment can bring. Please remember that there are others praying for you and your family. My son is now 15 years old and is as big & strong as ever. keep trusting in the Lord because with Him ALL things are possible!


Great report!We are always praying for you!


I prayed all morning. I am so glad today was a better day.

Judie Newnam

The first thing I do every morning, when I get to work, is check your blog to hear the latest on the girls. I pray for the girls, Ferris and you everyday. I know God has HIS hands on your girls and is blessing all of you.


God is so great. I relate to your family and duaghters so much in what you are going through. I'm one of three triplets and we were also born prematurely. All three of us were in intensive care but my brother was by far the worst. He had reports of water in the brain and had a serious almost lifetaking disease. Through all of this, my parents prayed and suddennly one day reports came back the the water in his brain had completely disappeared. And now we are three healthy high school students. I just wanted to extend my love and prayers to you and Ferris and express that you are not alone in your struggles.

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