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November 07, 2008


april emery

praise God Wade. it's so great to read how everyone is doing. how is fatherhood?

my huband and i are planning to visit elevation a sunday in december while en route to see family for Christmas ... we hope to see you guys

CJ Mills

My wife has been following your wife's blog, which brought me here...

She always brings me up to speed, we pray for your family during dinner, and discuss what you guys are going through. Why? We experienced a similar, though different situation with our son - Asher.

I, as a husband/father in the same situation as you are, am encouraged and amazed at your faithfulness and pray God's continual touch on all of the Joye family - especially you.

Julie Clark

I have been reading on the miracles Jesus performed while here on earth, and I've sometimes wondered if miracles do happen. These days it seems easier to call miraculous events coincidents or just plain "lucky". My husband KC has filled me in concerning your children since Ferris gave birth and every week that they grew stronger and another hurdle was overcome gave me such hope in my own walk. I've only met you once, and never met your wife or daughters, but what a burden I carried for you all! I love the idea that as believers, we are all cupping our hands into that same stream of life, praying for one another and sharing our burdens. There is something to be said when God just moves in and His power comes on so strong, with such mercy. It makes us all want to stand together as one body, and pour out thanksgiving... thank you for sharing your life, your struggles..real life. I am thankful for Jesus's design of fellowship. We really do need one another.

Elizabeth Pritchard

We praise God always for the miracles He has performed in the lives of your beautiful twins. We are amazed at your faithfullness to Him, knowing that your prayers would be answered. Yes, miracles do still happen!

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