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November 09, 2008



did you guys do a full band version of mo money? i would love to hear this!

Jason Goldtrap

I Raise My Voice
By Jason Goldtrap 12.22.05

You’re a Shepherd and a Father
A Lion and a Lamb
You’re the One who bore our sorrows
You are the Great I Am

And I’m a lonely wanderer
In a cold and foggy night
And I’m searching for that Morning Star
So I can warm up in the Light

I raise my voice
To sing praises unto You (unto You)
I raise my voice
And that’s all I want to do
For a Holy God, I can’t help but rejoice
So let me be a symphony with just my voice

Oh the path I walk is narrow
Unpopular but straight
For it leads me to a better land
Beyond the Pearly Gate

That old tempter tries to interfere
And distract me from my goal
But I’ll never give up, never give in
For I know who owns my soul

In a land of much prosperity
It’s easy to forget
That we hang on by a slender thread
Over hunger, chains and debt

So I’ll use my time and money
So I can tell my fellow man
That there’s more to life than material things
On the Rock of Ages I stand

Though a thousand so called scholars
Say the Bible’s just a myth
“It’s an old book, filled with fairy tales
For the simple gone adrift”

Well despite tumult and opinions
God’s Living Word stands firm
So I toss out man’s traditions
I’ll obey, forgive and turn

Pastor Steven

You Are Holy-what a phenomenal new song. I told you guys at City Tavern that God would use you to create something world class. That is happening. So proud of you.

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